The House of Homeland Studies has reopened its doors

The House of Homeland Studies introduces visitors to the medieval decrees  and relics of Somorja, documents illustrating the development of the town, as well as various tools of farming, peasant household, hemp handling and processing, as well as traditions related to fishing. In 1987, a bread oven was built in the yard of the House of Homeland Studies, which can be used to demonstrate the work process of the ancient bread and flatbread baking. Since 1982, the House of Homeland Studies has belonged to the network of the Rye Island  Museum.

The exhibition which thus also belongs to the Rye Island Museum in Dunaszerdahely presents traditions of Somorja, and tools of craftsmen once common in the city. On request, interactive gold panning demonstrations are also available for groups.

The idea of founding a museum in Somorja first arose in the late 1920s thanks to the activities of the Urania Scientific Society in Pozsony. The Rye Island Museum was established in 1929 under the leadership of teacher Antal Khín.

The museum was closed in 1964, its collection was transported to Vágsellye, Nagyszombat, Martin and Dunaszerdahely. In 1976 however, the local homeland studies committee of CSEMADOK initiated and established the Municipal House of Homeland Studies from its own contribution. In the exhibition halls of the House of Homeland Studies one can see documents referring to the medieval history of the town, the ethnographic collection of Upper-Rye Island, old household equipment, tools for hemp processing and gold washing, peasant and fishing tools, and tools used for farming.

The Municipal House of Homeland Studies was renovated for the first time in 35 years and reopened in February 2020.