Rye Island - Kukkonia

Welcome to Rye Island. The largest river island in Europe. Even in historical times, a number of folk tales arose that this island was once inhabited by miraculous creatures and fairies therefore call it the Garden of Fairies, the Golden Garden and also Kukkonia. Rye Island, lies in the gentle arms of the majestic Danube. And it is the Danube that connects this place, making it what it is and us as we are. The charm of Rye Island is its diversity and its center, the heart of everything, is nature. Water above all. We invite you to discover the secrets and mysteries of our ancient heritage. Here, everything is interconnected - present and past. Discover and hurry up!



Why are the meals of Kukkonia so famous? Because they are made from good ingredients. Everyting is local, everything is from home, everything is made from the basic ingredients of Rye island. This is the secret of the traditional local gastronomy.

The best places to stay

The list of top hotels and guesthouses in the region reccomended by Kukkonia. The best hotel in Slovakia - Hotel Amade Château is also situated in Rye Island (awarded by TREND - TOP HOTEL).

Did you know

Did you know that, Kukkónia is 84 kilometres long and 15-30 kilometres wide. Its area of 1,885 km2 makes it the largest river island in Europe?